9 thoughts on “Tony Barnes’ 100 GREATEST FILMS EVER MADE”

  1. Boy, do you have balls putting “Salo” in your Top Ten (!) which is not to say I didn’t like it. Also, I seriously considered putting “The Godfather Part ll” on my Ten Best List but alas no. Good job, Kiddo!

    • t. barnes said:

      Thanks, Barry. I happen to think Salo is the greatest film about politics, and the misuse of power, ever made.

      • That’s a really interesting take on “Salo.” But let me toss in “All the King’s Men” and especially “A Face in the Crowd” (for your consideration).

  2. I’ll have to check out Salo. nice shout out to “Rules of the Game”–one of my faves. I could never do one of these lists because my top 10 would be mostly Kurosawa and early Woody Allen. but hey, I can dig it.

    • It took me a long time to form this list. See Salo. I warn you ahead of time that it is not the feel good film of the this or any year. It is also not recommended for anyone under 21.

      • julesagray said:

        Oh I sat through “13 Tzameti” at Sundance a few years ago, and that film made me want to play the Rev. Jim Jones Home Game.

  3. Beautiful! An essential list.

  4. A really impressive list Tony. Happy to see most of my favorites are on it. But no Lubitsch? No His Girl Friday? Ah, well.

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